❤ “What I believe in, is fostering the hopes and dreams of our upcoming generation. To end the exploitation of our children’s mind, body, and spirit for personal gain. To uplift and encourage a rising youth who are capable of accomplishing some of the most amazing things in life. Everyone needs someone. Our kids need us” ❤

-Tiara Shari



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You’re one step closer to your healing!

Welcome to Dear Youth Diaries blogging and journaling! As you are here visiting my website, I hope you find yourself stumbling across some useful information and tools to help you in your healing journey. No need to feel embarrassed or ashamed! This website is here just for YOU! The entirety of each blog I hope serves as a helpful device to each of you or someone else you may know who is having a rough time. Feel free to utilize the comment section of each blog and if you can think of some ways I can make this a better experience for you, tell me! I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. That is how we learn and grow! And if at any point you would like to reach me directly, just click on the “Contact” tab and you can send me an email directly, where only I will see it. No one else. So, enjoy yourself while you are here, relax and take in all the positivity you can 🙂 .