Dear Youth,

Listen, I just want to talk with you all for a minute and spread a little bit of encouragement. I know it’s difficult to talk to people face to face sometimes. This is certainly something I have struggled with. And if you’re anything like me, you find it easier to thoroughly process your thoughts before actually speaking them-everything must make sense in my head before I deliver. So if you would like to talk back with your amazing responses, then feel free to do so!

The motivation behind me typing this blog is I want to be able to reach a generation of youth that has deemed “shutting down” as the most effective coping method. And it seems much of this shutting down is often derived from a hint of insecurity alongside some other factors. I can talk about it because it was and still is sometimes something I war with. I have read too many news articles, heard of too many Facebook posts and have seen too many news headlines all revolving around young people attempting or committing suicide. So I want to get to the nitty-gritty, downright dirty, nasty of the matter. We can talk about whatever you have on your mind, whatever it is that ails you and drains you. And while this blog titles Dear Youth, I am hoping it will still stretch across a board of ages, both young and old, helping and healing all those who come across it.

I was not quite sure where to start with this entire idea. I had no beginning, no middle and no end in mind. Even in its initial stages, the only permanent goal I had concluded was to encourage the youth of today. I prayed on this for a while and preceding this blog I often wondered what I would say to anyone that could perpetually and intentionally change the way they view their life. So here I am after several years of studying, reading my Bible, watching motivational videos, praying, listening to sermons, and speaking to some of the wisest people I know, to tell you as our upcoming generation, how I managed to change the way I perceive life and more importantly…how I perceive myself. However, just before delving into the medium of all this I believe it is essential for you all to know that as you are reading this you are reading the words of someone who has been through many things and can relate to you and empathize with you. So read this knowing you are reading from someone who “gets it”.

So let’s talk…

“One who has conquered the war of trauma shall dwell among the glorious lands of victory and success”. — Tiara Shari

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