Hello there!

Come! Have a seat and take a moment to read this! I believe it of utmost importance to make a proper introduction of myself and hopefully, this will make you a bit more comfortable with me. First off, my name is Tiara Stephens. I am the creator and founder of this here Dear Youth Diaries! I am the youngest of 3 other siblings: two sisters and a brother. I am also a youth advocate and during my leisure, I attend events to further my education on how to support the upcoming generation.

I am introverted yet loving…I have “cat-like” tendencies (so I’ve been told several times). I love my quiet time and need my alone time. I am also a bit witty and sarcastic. I enjoy making others laugh and feel good about themselves.

Some of my favorite foods are grapes, watermelon, pizza, seafood, wings and french fries (together), and my Momma’s home cooked meals 🙂 .

I enjoy singing, writing, drawing, taking long (unnecessary) drives, reading in the park, learning new things, and listening to music. Something else I enjoy doing is trying to learn Spanish and practicing math-I am quite terrible at it 😀 . By the way, I am rather an avid gamer! My favorite video game is Zelda! So indulge my interest with what sort of things you enjoy doing. And if you’re a gamer just like me what genre of games do you play?


On a slightly more serious note, I must say, life certainly gets out of hand sometimes. There are times you feel like you’re the only one going through and no one understands how you feel. Almost like you’re suffocating or drowning. And that is such a lonely and sad feeling to have. It’s a very dark place to be both emotionally and mentally. So let us enjoy this excursion together, taking it one step at a time. Let us talk and grow and get to know one another through laughter, through tears and snotty noses, through the ups and through the downs ^_^.  But more importantly, let us encourage one another with positive words, tender love, care, and respect. Let us engage in a series of heartfelt conversations.


Cheers to the mighty warrior…THAT’S YOU! 😀

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