Dear Youth,

I wanted to take some time today to jot down a few poems and quotes that have been brought to thought. Just a few things that have become such an encouragement to myself as I have repeated these positive affirmations over and over. I want to use this blog post as a moment of activity because in an earlier blog I spoke about engaging in activities to make you feel good about yourself and boost your self-esteem. So I want you to see that I not only “talk the talk”, but I “walk the walk” as well.

So here is to all of my rising KINGS and QUEENS!

Rise Up

We label ourselves as weak and insignificant. We brand ourselves as “not enough” or “unloved”. We embroider our character with ideas of who we are less than. Why are we attacking ourselves with such harsh words? Leaping to conclusions that the only self-worth we gain lies in the depths of immorality, popularity, hidden agendas, and placing a visage…an image of who we are not. Fabricated personalities trump the scene because apparently becoming who we are not is the thing to do. I was tired of that voice in the back of my head, constantly telling me my skin isn’t dark enough, my voice isn’t loud enough, my freckles are too obvious, my hair isn’t long enough, and being skinny looks disgusting. But you know what? ….I am absolutely enough. I am more than enough. So how about we start telling ourselves that we are? That the length of our hair, the shade of our skin, the size of our waist, the mass of our bust…it’s all enough. You do not need approval from others. I’m a queen. Do you know why I consider myself a queen? Because when I walk, I confidently stand erect. When I speak, I am not concerned with how “proper” and “educated” I sound. I do not give people any power over me or the ability to dictate and determine my mood. My problems, situations, and circumstances don’t reign over me, I rule them. I have concluded that I do not have to stop being beautiful just to make others feel good about themselves. I do not seek validation from anyone else other than God. I am unafraid and completely unapologetic of who I authentically am. I love me, I need me and I am enough for me.

-Tiara Shari

Love Yourself
Photo by Tiara Stephens
Rise Up
Photo by Tiara Stephens

I want to encourage each of you to begin to rise among your problems. Some days it will be difficult and some days it will pass with ease. But the most important thing you should do is never give up on yourself.

Often times we stress and become frustrated over situations and circumstances we have no control over. Don’t throw in the towel. Don’t raise the white flag. Don’t surrender to problems. Don’t call quits. You stand tall and tell yourself you’ve got this. You place your hand over a heavy heart and you call yourself brave. You phone a friend and inquire of their opinion on the situation. You write in a journal and be as honest with yourself as you need to be. You hold your head up high and speak life into yourself through positive affirmations and self-encouragement. But you DON’T give up.

I found myself stumbling through a few problems this past week and I am a woman of my word. I created this blog so you will see that being creative does help. I am humbled by my situations, but I do not allow them to control my life. So find your creative outlet and use it to your advantage.


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