Dear Youth,

Just the other day I began thinking about what it means to believe in yourself. I was sitting at work and I randomly stumbled upon the thought of “self-belief” and what it ACTUALLY means. It is definitely something that needs to be put into perspective within our daily lives. If you believe in something or someone, how do you react towards it/them? What actions do you take to show someone you believe in them? Here is why I came across this thought. A few days ago I mentioned my blog to someone in excitement and the response I received was, “Oh”. Just like that. It was a simple, “oh”. Initially, I took offense, was a little bit heartbroken and agitated. And I felt this way because it had not been the first or second time someone had responded to me in this way after mentioning my website or blog to them. Tracing back to the very beginning of me starting up this website there was a lack of support and a bunch of “oh” or “that’s nice” from a number of people. My initial reaction was to take the website down in embarrassment. I thought to myself, “people think this is stupid”, “no one is interested”, “no one is even going to look at what I am posting”. Sometimes I may doubt myself, but as mentioned in my previous blog, I placed my hand over a heavy, grieving heart and I told myself, “Tiara, you’ve got this…you deserve this…and you can do this”. So I know I can not give in to insecurity and possibly a complex that many of us may share, the insecurity of thinking others don’t believe in us. So the other day I posted this on Tumblr, “Every day is a new opportunity to be better than you were the day before. It isn’t always going to be easy, but at least it’s possible”. I can not nor will I stop trying to be better than the person I was the day before just because I got my feelings hurt. So, circling back to the question of how do you show someone you believe in them. Since I believe in myself, I am continuing on with blogging. I am continuing on with trying. I am continuing on in striving to become a better person each and every day…even when it hurts to try. As of recently I even took it upon myself to enroll back to college to retrieve my Associate’s degree. And while I am maintaining my college courses I am going to continue my pursuit in other educational courses I have enrolled in outside of college while still attending events to learn about ways to support you all. I hope you realized from that last statement this is me showing you all that I believe in you. I believe at some point this website will reach the mass and will be of great encouragement. I believe in inspiring others to become their best selves and to believe in their selves even if it seems no one else does.

I would like to mention to you all to be aware of how insecurity can cause us to misinterpret the responses we receive from others. As I sat back and really thought about it, I concluded that it isn’t always that no one believes in me, oftentimes people are very busy with their own personal lives (the same as you and I) and the response is mentally calculated inappropriately. If you believe in yourself, that should already be enough. I mentioned it in my previous blog but, you do not need validation from anyone else to be amazing. You do not need anyone else’s approval to be awe-inspiring to someone else. In the featured image above, where the title rests, I placed a quote there that reads, “Wherever it is that you stand, reach down and bring someone else up“.  The meaning behind this is if you have the courage and the strength to stand above your problems, be brave enough to reach down to the person who is hurting and bring them up and bare one another up in arms of love, encouragement, care, and belief.

So tell me, how will you begin to show yourself that you believe in you? Maybe try harder in school? Maybe start your own blog site? Maybe join an online forum that allows peers to be encouraging to one another? There are many things you can do. We have been talking about the effects of neuroplasticity and developing new neural pathways, the ability to become more confident in yourself. When you start believing in who you are as a person, when you start putting into action the belief in yourself eventually it becomes second nature and others will be drawn to the security in you. This is “reaching down and bringing someone else up”. People are drawn to the confidence in others, so be that person that someone else is drawn to.


“If all you have is you, if the only person who believes in you is you… then that should already be enough”

-Tiara Shari

Believe: “To accept (something) as true; to feel sure of the truth”.

*Just be TRULY you* 🙂


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