Dear Youth,

I haven’t written anything in a while and based on the title you may be able to assume why. Life, recently, has been a bit of a whirlwind.

In a previous blog, I mentioned an issue I was having with my car. WELL! Low and behold, as most things tend to happen, the situation got way worse before it got better. I paid a pretty large sum of cash for what I thought would have fixed my vehicle. I was dishing out so much money for a car that should not have been having the issues it was enduring. And even after dispensing dime after dime into this vehicle it still had the audacity to nearly die on me (bad transmission). I was barely making it to and from my job, which was only about 5 minutes around the corner. Around the time that my vehicle was acting up, I was having financial issues and to top it all off I also lost a very near and dear family member. December became a very difficult month for me and with everything occurring at one time the way it did I found myself wanting to shut down and crawl under a rock. BUT! Where there is a will, there is a way. I had a will and God made a way.

Starting with my vehicle, I was able to return the vehicle to the dealership where I initially purchased it. It was not my first idea but I was being declined everywhere else I attempted to get a vehicle. The payoff amount was entirely too high and inevitably would have left me with an astronomical number after signing a new contract. What made it worse is that I did not have any money to put down for a down payment (again…financial issues). Well, here is what God did. I found myself having conversation with the same representative who sold me the previous vehicle and I advised him of the issue I was having *car being too new to be having these issues and blah blah blah*. I let him know I needed a vehicle that was not going to be having all of these issues because I put a TON of money into a fairly new car that didn’t require expensive maintenance. He gave me several options and (after asking a million and one questions from any and everybody) I finally made my decision. I was given a new car with no down payment. And yes, while that did mean signing a new contract the plus side of all of this is that I am now in a vehicle THAT WORKS. #WON’THEDOIT #WON’THEWILL πŸ™‚ (–> For any of you who are familiar with that phrase).

As for my financial issues…well, they are no longer πŸ˜‰ . I told you, God will do it. All I will say is I was able to find a new job where my pay was increased substantially and the atmosphere is less stressful. Environment and the peripheral contacts make a huge difference in the way you do your job. You should love what you do and you will do it well.

As for the final trial I faced this current season, I can not bring back a loved one. No one can. However, I did learn many things as I was there watching a loved one experience death…from the visits to the hospital to the burial itself. There is a lesson in it all. The most important thing I took home with me is the cliche we often hear, “Life is too short”. And it is so very true…life can be too short. I learned forgiveness in such a way I did not realize was possible. I learned it is not worth being angry with people over petty situations or even large circumstances. Now, I think to myself, “What if either myself or this other person was dead and gone tomorrow? Did we ever allow ourselves to experience love and forgiveness beyond our faults”? There is no need in holding on to grudges. I learned from someone very special in my life, she often says to me, “Tiara, what you bury will turn around and bury you”. This is why it is so worth letting it go. This is why it is worth forgiving others for their faults against you and you should forgive yourself as well for any wrongdoing you have committed against others. You see, the longer you hold on to unforgiveness eventually it swells up in the bowels of your very life and it takes over your very being. Your attitude changes. Your behavior changes. Your reaction to external stimuli changes. Everything about you begins to revolve around your hurt and you don’t even realize it until people stop wanting to associate themselves with you. Don’t become like a “Scrooge” or a “Grinch” allowing your heart to grow too small. Have a big heart and love on others because you never know what someone else is going through. I am heartbroken to have lost someone who was considered a big sister to me, but I am so appreciative of the lesson learned and gained. You can pull a golden nugget from muddy water. Meaning, you can learn a lesson even in a bad situation.

Now, on to some other positive things I have recently done since prior postings. As mentioned, I am now in school and even better is that I have all A’s thus far. Taking online courses is not as easy as it may seem. It takes discipline and in my case…an attention span :-D, something I have very little of. My current QPA is a 4.0 and hopefully, I can keep it that way.

This post was to help you all see it is okay to retain your faith and positive attitude even while you are going through the worst of it. It was not easy getting through all of this, but I held fast to what I know to be true and that is the Word of God, my faith and my ability to see the better side of things.

I hope this encourages you on today and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your success lies in the hands of your attitude πŸ˜‰ .


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