Dear Youth,

This post is going to be fairly short, but here are a few positive affirmations you should tell yourself every day. Listen, we have been talking about self-esteem and changing the way you think. So here is a practice you should engage in daily. When you look in the mirror, tell yourself these things! 

  1. “I am beautiful/handsome”
  2. “I love you”
  3. “I am brilliant”
  4. “I am amazing”
  5. “I am worth it”
  6. “I was created with a purpose”
  7. “I am unique. There is no other me in this world”
  8. “I am empowered”
  9. “I am cared for”
  10. “I am strong”
  11. “I am enough”
  12. “I do not require validation from anyone but God!”
  13. “I celebrate my individuality”
  14. “I am prepared to succeed”
  15. “I am irreplaceable”
  16. “I am visible and existent”
  17. “I am significant”
  18. “I am intelligent”
  19. “I am one of a kind”
  20. “I am not less than anyone else”
  21. “I am not stupid”
  22. “I am not a mistake”
  23. “I am loved”
  24. “I am cherished”
  25. “I am the only ME in this world so I WILL LIVE

Every day, ladies and gents…tell yourself this because you deserve it.


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