Dear Youth,

Seems that much has transpired since my last post. And as of recent, there now seems to be a wave of fear, anxiety, and desperation amongst everyone. However, despite all that is occurring during this time of what seems like utter despair, know that the world will still continue to spin on its axis and each day will continue to surpass one after another until it does no longer.

With that being said, I have had to reroute a few of my goals instead of completely terminating them. For example, in a previous post I mentioned I am in school to get my degree as a Veterinarian Technician. And I still have all intention of accomplishing this goal, however, it has been slightly delayed. With the onset of COVID-19 shaking things up, a mass of companies having to shut down and people being sent home, it’s put a bit of a damper for colleges as well. Since I attend online schooling, my finals are to be sent to a proctor of my choosing and unfortunately, the disbursement of testing material has been delayed. So it’s been a month since I requested my finals (which was also approved) and it still hasn’t arrived. But no worries, it only gives me more time to study and to sort of blueprint my other objectives.

So, I am mentioning all of this to you all so you are able to realize you do not have to discontinue what you would like to accomplish in life based on a current pandemic. Because for many of us, we have all faced very personal pandemics within our own small world that caused a disruption in our daily life. An example of this would be, maybe someone has experienced a terrible car accident that has prevented them from being able to ever walking again, but guess what? They can still carry on with daily living activities-even if it has been rerouted in some way. Maybe someone has been laid off of their tenured job which put them in a major financial bind. But where there is a will there is a way, I say. Start small, go cut your neighbor’s grass, wash cars, get a job at an essential job such as Krogers or CVS or Walgreens. Life does not have to stop just because we have all been hit with the same major issue. What we can do is continue to pray for one another and bear one another’s burdens as we carry on in this walk of faith. It will not be easy, but I reckon it is very possible.

In fact, I was working the other day when I received a phone call from a woman who instilled a rare golden nugget in my heart and mind. It was a call from a prospect and throughout our course of business conversation, it somehow transitioned and she began to pour out such beautiful wisdom into my life. She was a much older woman, somewhere in her 70’s and along the line of conversation, she said to me (not verbatim), “You see, your boss hired you because he knows you are smart. People take the smart ones and leave the rest behind. They always take the good ones. But for that reason, you do not have to be complacent in that seat. Take what you know and find a way to enhance it, to make it so much more than what it is now. And when you do, find someone who will patent it for you so your “intelligence”….the knowledge you used to create that wonderful thing can not be replaced with someone else’s name. This goes for everything you do in life“. It is not often at all that I come across someone who can sit and provide such warm and honest wisdom. I truly believe what she said to me will always stick with me. It will always be in the back of my mind in everything I do, to be the best version of myself I know how to be and not settle for where I am. Prior to my conversation with this wonderful person, I had already begun planning a few things I wanted to do in life and she simply confirmed it. While it may be tough at times, I know it is okay to continue on trying in spite of.

So even with COVID-19 creating such a beautiful mess of things, I have to say it has also been very bitter-sweet. Since I now spend more time at home (as most of us are) it has given me time to think about current and future goals, both short and long term. I’ve recently established a few things I know will help me in the future and others are written down to help me reach that particular goal. I won’t mention them yet, but as of right now I must say they are goals that are much bigger than I had ever anticipated my life would go. I am praying on it and trusting in God that it will go forth as long as it is in His will.  

So here is my challenge to you all, I understand right now is very difficult for many of us but you don’t have to digress in thoughts of future goals and aspirations. As a matter of fact! Begin to dream bigger dreams than your wildest dreams. NOW is a good time to do so. What is something you can “patent” and put your name on that will benefit the mass?  What sort of intelligence is lying dormant inside of you that can potentially be life-changing for another? These are things to think about. Write them down, pray about it and once God has confirmed, lay it out in blueprint as God directs you so you know in which direction to go. Something else I have learned about COVID-19 is that I am seeing more people recognize God for who He truly is now more than ever. It’s a beautiful explosion of epiphany where many are suddenly realizing that God has actually had His hands on this the entire time….from the very beginning when the Earth was formed by His grand and majestic hands. 

During my time of leisure, I have been able to hark back to a few of my favorite gospel songs. I’ve been singing “Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There” for nearly a month now. I finally decided to record and post to my Youtube Channel which you can find HERE! May it be as of much encouragement to you as it has been to me.



P.S. My deepest and sincerest condolences to those who lost someone during this trying time. I am praying for your encouragement and strength to get through this. We are all in this fight together ❤


-Tiara Shari

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